Hosted by Attorney Louis Goodman
Love thy Lawyer

Love thy Lawyer

Focusing on, but not limited to, Alameda County California attorneys, we meet and get to know practicing attorneys, people connected to the legal profession, and those affected by the justice system. How they got there, what they're doing, how they experience the practice of law and their connection to it.

Recent Episodes

ACBA President (2022) Pamela Ross - All For the Family Legal Clinic

March 22, 2023

Pamela Ross is the founder and CEO of the All for The Family Legal Clinic, a nonprofit that offers services to low income and modest means litigants, charging on a sliding scale from as low as $50 an hour. They help clients …

International Law / Hans Sperling - Tulane

March 15, 2023

Hans Sperling is the founder of the Sperling Law Corporation. Known as the Deal Lawyer, he is a renowned corporate transactional lawyer with extensive experience in protecting businesses' legal interests through contracts an…

Totally - Family Law / Renee Ross - Golden Gate

March 8, 2023

Renee Ross is one of the happiest family lawyers you’ll ever meet. She runs a successful boutique family law firm with 12 employees in Pleasanton. Her journey to family law was preceded by her involvement in civil litigation…

Lawyer Stories - Benny Gold (Brother from Another Mother)

March 1, 2023

Benny Gold, a licensed attorney in Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts, has established himself as the esteemed host of the Lawyer Stories podcast, which boasts a significant following of over 54,000 on Instagram and over …

Horse Sense / Kim Kupferer - Stanford

Feb. 22, 2023

Kim Kupferer built a remarkable career as an Alameda County Public Defender for over 15 years before going into private practice. She was renowned for her exceptional preparation and unwavering commitment to fighting for her…

Terror Attack Leads to Bench - Hon. Glenn Kim (ACBA) - USF

Feb. 15, 2023

Judge Glenn Kim had over twenty years of experience as a prosecutor before taking the bench at the Contra Costa County Superior Court in January of 2022. He decided to pursue a career in law to fight back after 3 members of …