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Sept. 23, 2020

Annie Beles - USF

Annie Beles - USF

Annie Beles has tried over 50 cases to jury verdict and handled hundreds more.  Most of her trials have involved serious felony charges.  She relishes fighting for her clients.  Growing up in a legal community family, she started working in her dad's law office as a teenager.

From Annie's website:
For the last twenty years, I have been going to court and honing the craft of lawyering. I have been saving people from the smallest of traffic fines, domestic violence charges, assault charges, serious sexual assault allegations, murder trials, and all the way to convincing prosecutors not to seek the death penalty.

I try cases. Period.

I have tried 50 jury trials, only 5 of those being misdemeanors. As of December 2019, I have tried 25 homicide trials. A local judge once told me, “one homicide trial is the equivalent experience of 20 misdemeanor trials,” and I tend to agree with him. I have been presented with complex factual and legal problems throughout my career on all of my cases, but a two month murder trial gives me experience far beyond that of a three day DUI trial. I am at the ready to use that knowledge and those skills for you or your loved one.

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Annie Beles

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