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Jan. 27, 2021

Ben Zicherman - Pace University (NYC)

Ben Zicherman - Pace University (NYC)

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Ben Zicherman was born and raised in Berkeley, California. Ben attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he earned degrees in Communications and Sociology. Ben graduated with Deans List honors.

Ben earned his J.D. with Cum Laude honors from Pace Law School in New York. Even While in law school, Ben pursued criminal law by clerking for the Queens County District Attorney. Ben’s special training and oral advocacy skills were developed as a clerk for the District Attorney. Ben learned how the government oversees criminal prosecutions and he participated in all aspect of criminal cases ranging from the complaint to trial to verdicts. Ben was involved with cases ranging from petty theft to murder.

After graduating from Law School, Ben returned to California. He was employed by a prestigious Beverly Hills law firm, Kesluk & Silverstein, where he specialized in defending people’s civil rights. Most notably, Ben defended a person’s right to be free from discrimination, harassment and unfair treatment in the work place. As a civil litigation attorney, Ben developed expertise in motion practice, complex litigation tactics, advanced discovery procedures, oral argument, settlement and negotiation tactics, as well as trial preparation and strategy. Along with developing Ben’s trial litigation skills, this experience allowed Ben to aggressively and successfully represent his clients.

Ben expanded beyond protecting his clients civil rights to protecting peoples constitutional rights by working with acclaimed criminal defense attorney, Bruce Margolin, who is a well-known figure in the California criminal defense community and an outspoken medical marijuana activist. Working with Mr. Margolin, Ben strengthened his skill and poise in trial advocacy. While at the Law Offices of Bruce Margolin, Ben was responsible for all aspects of written and oral motion practice, oral argument, discovery, witness preparation and trial preparation. Ben utilized his skill and experience to formulate case strategy to effectively defend his client’s rights. He was successful in resolving a number of cases that superseded his client’s expectations.

Not only has Ben mastered the trial advocacy skills necessary to obtain the best possible outcomes, but he has also developed a client centered view of his practice. Ben understands that each case and client is unique and accordingly, he ensures that all of his clients are involved and informed at every step of the proceedings. With his passionate and zealous view of the justice system, Ben will vindicate and defend your constitutional rights with sensitivity, devotion and vigor.

Ben can be reached at (510) 542-6227, through the contact form, or by email at


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