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Nov. 25, 2020

Miki Tal - Cardozo

Miki Tal - Cardozo

Born in Israel, raised in Orange County, California, Miki Tal first practiced law as a Deputy District Attorney New York City's Bronx County Courthouse. She served a stint as a law clerk in the Alameda County DA's Office, worked as a Deputy DA in Napa County, and served as a Public Defender in Santa Cruz.  She now practices criminal law in Alameda County, Federal Court, and throughout Northern California.

From Miki's website:
 Miki is a former prosecutor and public defender who has successfully defended thousands of clients accused of breaking the law including DUI's, drug cases, domestic violence, assaults, homicides, fraud, robberies and gun charges.  

 Miki practices criminal defense in all counties in California, handling misdemeanors, felonies and juvenile cases. 

Miki is an aggressive trial attorney who tries all types of cases.  She handles the toughest cases and has won the respect of judges and prosecutors alike for her tenacious and intelligent defense of her clients.

 Miki graduated from U.C. Berkeley and Cardozo Law School in New York City.  While in law school, she worked for Barry Scheck's Innocence Project to overturn wrongful convictions using DNA evidence.  Miki has a passion and talent for battling the police and prosecutors in criminal cases. This is the reason why she only handles criminal cases.

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Miki Tal

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